10 of the Best Halloween Makeup Looks

The familiar season is upon us once more: the time to dedicate weeks to meticulously crafting your makeup and selecting the perfect Halloween ensemble. Yet, amidst the excitement, a pressing question emerges – where does one even begin? Regardless of your choice, now is the opportune moment to initiate your practice sessions and perfect your Halloween look.
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Best Halloween Makeup Looks

Welcome to Glow, where we’re proudly presenting a curated selection of the top 10 Halloween looks. Whether you’re venturing into uncharted territory this year or striving to refine your tried-and-true classic style, rest assured that our Halloween makeup concepts have you well taken care of.

1. Zombie Bride

Indeed, the saying holds its ground: the anger of a woman spurned knows no bounds. To achieve that flawless appearance of a vision drenched in blood, the process is relatively straightforward – adorn yourself elegantly, complete with a tiara if you desire, and then unleash your creativity with copious amounts of imitation blood. However, commencing with a ghostly bridal-inspired makeup serves as the optimal foundation for this endeavor!

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

For this look you’re going to need some false eyelashes, that’s for sure. We recommend Glow Magnetic Lashes The Makeover Glow Starter Kit as the perfect way to get started on your look

2. Pumpkin

No doubt, Halloween lacks its essence without a pumpkin. And if that involves a bit of effort on your part, consider it a small sacrifice for the greater Halloween good. This look is so easy to achieve, just grab yourself some orange and black face paints or face palette and you’re on your way. 

3. Poison Ivy

Who else finds themselves greatly motivated by this effortlessly chic Poison Ivy makeup look?

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

4. Reptile

Nobody really warms up to snakes in general… but when it comes to Halloween, things take a different turn. The scaly serpent aesthetic remains a beloved choice for makeup, and the key to achieving convincingly authentic reptile skin is surprisingly simple. good eyeshadow palette and a pair of old fishnets! Even better, wearing a pair of yellow contacts will practically guarantee you the title of ‘Best Dressed’.

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

5. Mermaid

When in doubt, throw some glitter and gemson. Similar to the snake-inspired makeup mentioned earlier, you can easily incorporate fishnet stockings for this look. While mermaids might not typically evoke fear, this Halloween offers a unique opportunity to embrace the enchanting underwater aesthetic. After all, when else will you get the chance to transform into a mermaid?

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

6. Cat

If you’re short on time, simple Halloween makeup is a fantastic option. The feline look is a perennial Halloween favorite, mainly because it’s uncomplicated to pull off and can yield impressive results. Once you’ve acquired cat ears and a choker, the only remaining task is to master the art of cat face paint, and you’ll be all set!

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

The key component of this style is achieving captivating cat eyes.

For flawless feline eyes, GLOW Liquid Eyeliner is your ideal tool. Begin from the center of the eye and confidently draw outward in a single stroke, concluding with a subtle flick for a polished finish.

Use Glow Starter Kit to add some nose detailing and a few whiskers, and meow!

7. Vampire

A timeless classic. The alluring vampire aesthetic remains a go-to choice for Halloween, but nailing it requires some finesse. Go too subtle, and it might resemble a regular night out; go overboard, and it could resemble a disastrous mishap. Yet fear not, with the right inspiration, you can effortlessly perfect your vampire Halloween makeup!

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

8. Clown

When executed skillfully, this style can be genuinely eerie. The realm of clowns offers immense flexibility, allowing you to embrace your creativity fully. Whether it’s intricate eye designs or a complete Pennywise transformation, clowns have the potential to captivate the spotlight. Consider adding a twist by dabbling in Joker Halloween makeup for a touch of variation and experimentation.

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

9. Doll

Ah, the timeless horror movie favorite. The eerie doll theme remains eternally captivating, and creating this Halloween doll makeup look is remarkably straightforward.

All you need is porcelain-white face paint and face powder, black liner for freckles and simulated china fractures, along with a touch of red lipstick for added effect. If the mood strikes you, feel free to incorporate some faux blood for an extra touch of authenticity.

For a lighthearted vibe, you can keep it subtle, but if your aim is to send shivers down spines, channeling the essence of Annabelle will undoubtedly achieve that effect.

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

GLOW lashes are the perfect way to finish this look off, which is why we recommend Glow Lashes. These false lashes huge and fluttery, taking doll eyes to a whole new level.

10. Skull

The ultimate showstopper? Undoubtedly, the skull. While it might demand the most time investment, this look is well worth the effort, though be prepared for some patience and meticulous attention. Nevertheless, the end result is a genuine work of art, making it a strong contender for even considering a day off from work to perfect.

Best Halloween Makeup Looks
If time isn’t on your side (or you’re aiming for a less intense appearance), consider applying your Halloween makeup to only half or a quarter of your face. On the flip side, if you’re ready to dial up the drama, you can go all in and extend the makeup to your hands as well! Moreover, these versatile looks form the foundation for a wide range of gory or ghostly Halloween makeup concepts. So, why not embrace your creativity and experiment with a devilish, angelic, zombie, or scarecrow-themed look?


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