Vacation Nails

It’s time for some seriously fun warm vacation nails! While I always love classic white nails in the warm weather, it can be especially fun to do something a little brighter.

Green Nails

Within the last few weeks, my Instagram feed has served me approximately one-zillion green nail ideas. Like, is it just me, or did the current green trend kinda come out of nowhere? It’s gotten to the point where even me, someone who has lowkey hated the color green my entire life, has started screenshotting green nail looks, from green swirly nail art to wintery dark green shades. And contrary to what I used to think (that green nails were exclusively for St. Patrick’s Day at best), I’m now fully committed to playing around with some shade of green this year, whether I’m Instagramming a fresh set of acrylics or just swiping on a quick coat of spring nail polish.

Trendy Short Nails

While long nails give a sexy dramatic finish, they’re not as practical as shorter ones. And here we’re changing the common picture of the latter, sharing the hottest nail designs for short nails that will make all women want this shape!

Spring Nails

Because nothing says spring like bright, funky, DIY-able nail designs.


There’s always some new trend or challenge to try out. It’s definitely helped me feel inspired that I can achieve all my beauty goals and serve quarantine looks while stuck inside.

90’s Makeup Looks

it’s no secret that we love the ’90s. After all, they brought us epic workout videos, slinky slip skirts, and hair accessories galore. And when it comes to iconic makeup looks, the 1990s definitely do not disappoint. That’s why we’ve decided to hop into our beauty time machine to look back at the makeup trends that defined the decade. Perhaps doing so will spark some inspiration—or at least, satisfy feelings of nostalgia.

Mermaid Nails

22 Breath-taking Mermaid Nail Ideas to Do This Summer By…

Desert Nails

The desert may be dry but these nails are dripping with flair.

Ocean Nails

Ocean nail ideas for this summer By NOMI BAYASGALAN Before…

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