How To Do Aurora Nails, Instagram’s Favourite Manicure Trend

Nomi Bayasgalan


Aurora nails are — as their name may suggest — pretty magical. If you’ve been eyeing up nail trends to inspire your next mani, you’ve likely come across this enticing term. But what exactly are aurora nails? Here’s what you need to know, including where the design comes from, and how to do aurora nails at home — because as fantastical as they are, they are not beyond the scope of a good DIY project.

You can actually give it a go from home, but it’s a pretty advanced look to opt for unless you’re a nail art pro. There are several YouTube tutorials which talk you through it, but as they explain, you’ll need to order your chromes and foils. “Because you need to use professional nail products to create these looks, it would be quite an investment and a learning curve”. “It is not impossible but could end up being costly.” The most challenging part will most definitely be laying that foil or Mylar, so it will likely take some practice.

To create your aurora nails, first file and prep your nails and apply a gel base coat. Then add two coats of gel in white or pastel nail colors and let that cure. Next, you’ll want to use a gel top coat and cure it for 30 seconds before rubbing your white chrome powder on top with a silicone tool or eyeshadow applicator. You can call it good with another cured top coat, or try your hand at encapsulating a piece of Mylar or foil with clear liquid builder gel.

The Aurora Press-on Nails will help you achieve the look at home.

Aurora Press-on Nails

This is where custom-made press-on nails come into their own. Zero effort is needed and you can just pop them on and go.

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