22 Breath-taking Mermaid Nail Ideas to Do This Summer

Nomi Bayasgalan


As social media platforms continue to revolutionize the way we share images and inspiration, nail trends have evolved at a rapid pace. One very popular trend has been Mermaid Nails, which use the pattern of a mermaid’s tail scales to add some fun design and style to your nails. Women especially are huge fans of the mermaid nails, but in our modern digitized world, anyone can express themselves however they like! Whether you’re looking for a glamorous nail look to go with an upcoming party or you just want to experiment with a new manicure type at your next salon visit, the following list has a great range of nail looks to choose from! Especially during seasons like spring and summer when the weather is really warm (or even blazing hot), people love showing off their new style looks.
The more creative you get with your mermaid nails, the better. Digital content creators use photos of their nail designs as ways to interact with their audience and inspire them to try new things. Nowadays, people turn to blogs and Pinterest to gain inspiration for fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. Mermaid nails have been a hit among the millennial audience comprising of women from all walks of life. For 90’s babies, putting on mermaid nails can be very nostalgic, reminding them of the classic Disney movie featuring Ariel, “The Little Mermaid.”

The reason why mermaid nails are so popular is because of the advanced digital sharing of trends by fashion bloggers and leading influencers. Pinterest creators alike have really managed to share the method of drawing mermaid tail scale lattices to achieve their desired look. You will also frequently notice that you can achieve the look using an ombre method, which simulates the reflective quality of mermaid tails. Mermaids are known to be beautiful, mystical creatures of the sea that have an alluring quality to them. To embrace this feeling of being divine as a human is an exciting prospect and an awesome way for creative people to express their personalities to the world, both online on social media and in real life at gatherings with friends.

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